Spay & Neuter

One of the most important aspects of pet ownership is spaying and neutering your pet!  At Robinson Animal Hospital, we feel very strongly that all pets are spayed and neutered as soon as it is age appropriate.  And while this may sound somewhat frightening, it is the most routine surgery that we perform.  There is little discomfort for your pet and there is very little after care. It is far more stressful for the pet owner because this is your baby!

The age at which this surgery is performed will vary and is always best recommended by your veterinarian.  With most kittens, it will be recommended between 2-5 months of age.  With puppies, it will vary by the breed or size of the puppy.  Your veterinarian will guide you and make the best recommendation for your precious one.

Why is spaying and neutering so important?  There are numerous benefits that include the general health to both males and females.  There are also behavior issues that will be affected which will will increase the safety of your pet, as well as your general enjoyment of your furry family member. 

Health Benefits

  • Spaying a female will vastly decrease the risk of tumors in the breasts, uterus and ovaries
  • Spaying a female will eliminate the risk of pyometra, a uterine infection which can be deadly.  Even if it is diagnosed and treated, the treatment is extremely expensive and often cost prohibitive to clients. 
  • Neutering a male will vastly decrease the risk of testicular cancer and prostate issues


Behavioral Benefits

  • Pets that have been spayed or neutered are far less likely to roam.  Pets who roam are more likely to be hit by vehicles or become lost completely. 
  • Males who have been neutered are less likely to be aggressive
  • Felines are less likely to spray
  • Canines are less likely to mark their territory or mount other canines


The Surgery

  • You will drop your pet off between 7-9 AM, after withholding food and water since 12AM
  • Your pet will have a blood analysis prior to surgery
  • Your pet will have the requested surgery.  We strongly recommend that all pet owners choose the optional intravenous fluids during the surgery.
  • If your puppy has retained puppy teeth, which is common in the toy breeds, these will be removed while under anesthesia.  If your pet is an adult, we can perform a dental at this time.  Both procedures need to be discussed with your veterinarian prior to the surgery but are easily performed and a health benefit to your pet.
  • Your pet will be ready to come home and crawl into his or her very own bed after eating a light evening meal!  There is no overnight stay!


After Care

  • Pain medications will be prescribed, though there is usually little pain for your pet
  • No bath for 14 days!
  • In most cases, sutures will dissolve and there will be no need to return for removal
  • The most important aspect is to make certain that your pet doesn’t lick or chew sutures until they have properly healed.  It is also important to limit activity, such as jumping, running and active play, for several days


Spay and Neuter Assistance

If you have adopted a pet from the Washington County/Johnson City Animal Shelter or the Unicoi County Animal Shelter, or many rescues, your pet will have been spayed or neuter as part of the adoption process.  But many of you choose to adopt elsewhere!  If that is the case, our friends at the Humane Society of Washington Country offer an assistance program to assist with the costs involved. You must complete an application and obtain a voucher for this assistance.  When scheduling your appointment, you must provide the voucher number.  We are one of three clinics who participate in this program and may need more information from you, if you have not visited Robinson Animal Hospital previously. 

  • Proof of rabies vaccination is required for surgery.  If not provided, you must pay for the special rate for a rabies vaccines
  • This voucher is good for a basic spay or neuter only.  There are no additional services available including dental, blood analysis or intravenous fluids
  • A pedicure while under anesthesia, which is often beneficial, is available at the regularly billed rate