Mature Pets

Mature pets hold a very special place in every heart at Robinson Animal Hospital.  We know that they have been faithful and loving companions for at least several years, and sometimes many years and we have even watched some of them grow up.  We celebrate those birthdays right along with you!  Our goal is to keep them as young and healthy in body as they are in spirit and that’s why we have a special wellness program for our more mature pets.

It is important that you understand that a mature pet is not necessarily a senior pet, but just a pet who may having changing needs! There are a variety of issues that pets may face as they grow older, including heart, kidney or liver disease, diabetes, arthritis, thyroid imbalance, lumps and bumps, and even cognitive disorders which are similar to dementia in humans.  With the proper diagnostics, we can treat so many of these disorders and your pet can live a healthy and happy life.

We suggest that all pets get a baseline full diagnostic workup when they reach the appropriate age. This includes a full blood panel, which gives a reading on all organs, and a urinalysis.  This will all also include the regular testing that is always included in your annual examination. There are so many illnesses that are just not detecable through a routine physical exam.

For most dog breeds, we suggest this workup at age 7.  For cats, we suggest this at age 10. 

We strongly suggest that you repeat this test on an annual basis as part of your annual examination.  There are also some eye conditions which tend to affect more mature pets and some routine tests might be performed to detect glaucoma or dry eye syndrome, both of which are extremely treatable. We only perform extra tests when indicated by your pets condition.

The dietary needs of your faithful friend are just as important now as when they were a growing toddler, though quite different.  This is the ideal time to discuss those changing needs with your veterinarian.

We will tailor a plan to fit your pet’s special needs.  We want your pet to enjoy all of the great things that being a being a little bit older can bring them!