Microchip Implantation

Even the most responsible pet owners can’t always guarantee their pet won’t get lost. A leash could break or slip out of your hand, a pet could push through a screen door or or even open a gate, or a contractor or friend might accidentally leave a door or gate open. And if your dog likes to dig he or she can easily dig right out of their comforable environment.

Microchipping is a safe, permanent way to identify your pet in case he or she becomes lost. A microchip, which is a tiny device about the size and shape of a grain of rice, is placed just under the loose skin at the back of the neck. When a lost dog or cat without an ID tag is found, a veterinarian or veterinary technician will use a handheld microchip scanner to check for a chip. If the pet has one, it will transmit its ID number to the scanner via a low-frequency radio wave. The veterinary hospital or shelter then calls the chip manufacturer, retrieves the pet owner’s contact information, and calls the owner.

The implantation procedure is quick and virtually painless.To your pet it will feel very much as if they are getting a routine injection. A few seconds of a little discomfort for a lifetime of safety!

Make sure that your beloved companion is never lost from you, even though they may have explorer instincts!