Exotic Pets

In addition to providing care for your canine and feline companions, some of the veterinarians at Robinson Animal Hospital provide care for your exotic pets and small mammals.  The types of animals we treat include guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, and hamsters, rats and mice.  In some instances, we may treat reptiles and avians though not in all instances.

We are not specialists in this area and often your special pet will require the need of a specialist. We  will provide diagnostic tests to assist in determining the proper protocol to treat your loved companion, and refer you to the proper specialist if that is deemed necessary.

We are happy to provide routine wellness and vaccinations to keep your friend happy and healthy! We can perform routine spay/neuter surgeries for these pets, if you desire. However, it is best to consult with the veterinarian performing the surgery in advance for any special instructions and information. They are each unique, in their own special way, and the instructions will vary. Only the doctors have access to the best information for your particular pet.