Early Detection

At Robinson Animal Hospital, our philosophy has always been that the most important aspect of your pet’s health care is the annual exam. There is nothing quite like having your veterinarian listen to your pet’s heart and lungs, feeling them from nose to tail,  and just looking at how they move.  As important as this is, there may be underlying issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye or even heard when using a stethoscope.

Early Detection


We are so pleased to now offer early detection testing for both canines and felines!  There are numerous chronic illnesses which, if caught in the very early stages, can be treated by diet or a small prescription and can lengthen the life of your pet measurably.

Our early detection panel consists of a blood analysis, urinalysis and advanced fecal exam.  We recommend this testing beginning at 2 years of age, but no later than 6 years of age for canines and 5 years of age in felines.





Get your pets tested annually to give them the longest life possible!


Our clients who have included wellness diagnostics as part of their annual wellness program have been fortunate enough to have pets who have lived longer, healthier lives as a result!