Pets need their own vacations and that’s what the Paw A Day Inn at Robinson Animal Hospital on Watauga Avenue is for!

Your pet will be in clean and comfortable surroundings with his or her every need attended to. Each pet is placed in an individual suite with soft blankets and plenty of fresh water and food so that it feels just like home. All dogs will go for daily walks and have time for play so that they get plenty of exercise and sleep soundly at night.

We recommend individual suites for each pet. However, if separation of a bonded pair will cause undue stress, we are happy to accommodate.

If your pet is due for grooming, we can arrange for these services and give your pet that extra bit of pampering!

Pets are checked on regularly during the day by our veterinary technicians and this gives you the added peace of mind that if you pet should become ill during your absence, treatment will begin immediately. Our Paw A Day Inn is located at our Watauga location so your pet will be tucked in after dinner and will be awakened with a walk and breakfast the following morning. Our advanced suites are equipped to accommodate any necessary “potty breaks” to keep your pet comfortable, when our staff is not present.

To keep all our patients as healthy as possible, we require pets that are boarding with us to have all vaccinations current.

All of our residents are fed a diet of Purina EN or Science Diet Sensitive Stomach, foods specifically for sensitive stomachs. Should you prefer a different food, please bring your preferred food when dropping your pet off.

Drop off and pick up hours are 7AM-6PM, Monday through Friday, and 9AM-1PM on Saturday.





Please call us at 423-928-1616 to make a reservation and personalize your boarding experience!